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Curve Water Sports - COVID 19

Curve Water Sports is pleased to announce that we are Open for Wakeboarding, Paddleboarding, Kayaking and the Aqua Park! 


After careful consideration and reviewing all government documents and guidelines we will be operating our site. We have changed the way we work to meet social distancing rules. Each activity will be operated differently to normal.


Every Session will run on a first-come, first-served basic. Bookings are taken - Online - Over the Phone or Email


Before Your Activity 


  • All participants must consider all COVID-19 personal and household risks issues in accordance with the government guidelines 

  • If you have any symptoms, then please contact us via email to cancel your session. We will refund you fully within one working day

  • We advise that you go to the toilet before you come to us, as our toilets are closed. 

  • Changing rooms and showers will be closed and you should come ready

  • You will be sent a confirmation email. There is a link to do online waivers please have these done before you arrive. 


On Arrival 


  • Please arrive 30 minutes before your booked session 

  • When you arrive on site there is hand sanitiser on a table, please use it before you come onto site 

  • Please find a table to place your belongings

  • One person from your group enter the Receptions. If somebody else is in there please don’t come in, until it is clear, respecting 2 meter social distancing at all times

  • Once you have checked in the receptionist will give you more instructions 

Aqua Park 


We are now running the Aqua Park for Families and Bubbles. The minimum number of people for the Aqua Park is 4 and the maximum is 12 and you must be from the same Bubble. Families will be expected to social distance themselves from the Life Guards at all times. Below is how we will be running the Aqua Park and everything will be done in accordance to the governing guidelines.


The Cost 


The price is £20 per person for an hour, including Wetsuit Hire


  • You will be given a life jacket - please don’t be offended if we can’t help you put it on

  • The same life guard will be with you all the time

  • Your life guard will do a safety briefing with you, please maintain social distancing between him at all times

  • Once your session is over the life guard will ask you to leave, please make your way to the steps to exit the Aqua Park 

  • There will be a bucket please dunk your life jacket and then hang it over the railing to dry out 

  • Make your way off the Aqua Park area and back to your table



Wakeboarding - Please see prices here 


Wakeboarding is back up and running. We are offering wakeboarding to everybody now, from beginner to pro, come and learn something new


  • Where possible all riders should have their own equipment

  • If helmets, life jackets or boards are needed these will be cleaned in-between each session

  • Only people from the same household are allow on the dock at the same time

  • On the dock there is yellow tape please do not step past this taped area, this area is for the drivers only

  • The same operator will be used for your whole session 

  • Once you have finished your session please leave the dock while maintaining social distance from your instructor 


Paddleboarding and Kayaking - £15 per person for the Hour 


We are only offering hire of Paddleboards and Kayaks at the moment. If you have never done it before we will show you how to do it while maintaining social distancing of 2m 


  • Somebody will come and get you onto the water

  • You will be given a life jacket - please don’t be offended if we can’t help you put it on 

  • You will be taken to the dock where we launch Kayaks and Paddleboards

  • Paddles will be wiped down before they are given to you

  • The instructor will life the Kayak or Paddleboard into the water for you and show you how to get it

  • When you have finished please come back to the same place that you were launched from 

  • Somebody will come and help you get out

  • Please place your paddle where you were given it and make your way off the dock 




Our cafe will be open for take away food and drinks. All payment is contactless. 


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