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Ronix - Selekt Wakeboard

Ronix - Selekt Wakeboard


Mellow Rockerline: Less rocker means the board has the more top water speed and less resistance with the water. Also the wakeboard will track better, giving the rider the feel of a built-in fin when edging around on the water, without getting hung up on a rail.

6 Adjustable Rods: Soft tail, stiff belly, medium tip one day or the opposite the next day. The traits of this board can change in the matter of minutes. Thise board can adapt. With 64 different flex options an ideal setup is always available.

True Flex: The Selekt board is made with a combination of Paulownia wood over the top of Air Core 3.0 - but the mind bender is that the glass wraps between the two, not over top. The result is the truest bend a board could have free from any top laminate restrictions. The goal of the Selekt board is to have the removable rods limiting flex in specific areas - not the glass.

Vertical Grain Paulownia Wood Laminates: By machining the grain vertically allows Ronix to give the wakeboard maximum flex potential, whilst the Paulownia maintains responsiveness with its a incredible material memory

Magic Carpet: A unique laminate that manages the right quantity of resin to stick in order to receive the desired qualities

Speedwalls: Vertical urethane creates a durable barrier that also provides a faster top water speed

G&R Technology: Grip and Release channels provide improved traction for better side-to-side stability

Sintered Base: The most durable non-stick base material Ronix have ever tested on features, that also increases glide speed on water.

6 Extended Park Warranty: Covered with a six month manufacturer warranty, at the express discretion of Ronix and its distributors. The board must be registered here within two weeks from the date of purchase to be eligible.


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