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Ronix - El Von Videl Schnook Wakeboard

Ronix - El Von Videl Schnook Wakeboard


Mellow Rockerline: Less rocker means the board has the more top water speed and less resistance with the water. Also the wakeboard will track better, giving the rider the feel of a built-in fin when edging around on the water, without getting hung up on a rail.

All Over Flex: Regarded as the fun board style ride, that allows for general progression in both aerial and obstacle riding

Nu Core 2.0: For damper and a more durable ride. Made from renewable trees, cable friendly Paulownia timber delivers a snowboard style kick.

Grom Glass: Specially designed fibreglass layup, made specifically for child riders that are lighter and can't generate the same level of power.

G&R Technology: Grip and Release channels provide improved traction for better side-to-side stability

Wide Tip/Tail: Easier to get up in deep water and greater stability for off axis landings

Sintered Base: The most durable non-stick base material Ronix have ever tested on features, that also increases glide speed on water.

4 Fiberglass .6” Free Agent Fins


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